What Is LunchBox Beats?

LunchBox Beats is a group of four very talented and determined individuals who don’t know how to stop doing whatever it is they feel like doing.  Almost cursed by creativity the LunchBox Beats crew has been churning out music, video, comedy, and good times since 2005.   Although we are good at many things, building websites is not one of them, so check out our profiles below and then follow us on, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube…. we are always looking to expand our network with new friends and fans.  As always, thanks for your support.


Click on our ugly faces… i dare you.


Jay Bombaye: Recording Engineer, Producer, Go To Guy, and Good Looking Cartoon Character

KEITH CAMPBELL: DJ, Producer, Videographer/Editor, Wannabe Comedian and Weight Lifter

P. Nameck: Producer, Rapper, Photographer, Videographer, Bow Tie Wearer, Spartan Racer, Part Time Alcoholic

SUNE a.k.a THA JERM: Producer, Recording Engineer, Rapper, Half Haitian, Half Puerto Rican, 100% Fir