Krayzie Bone – The Fixtape Vol.2 : Just One Mo’ Hit

Krayzie Bone Presents: The Fixtape Vol. 2 – Just One Mo’ Hit
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1. Intro (So hard to stay away)
2. Just one more hit
3. Reason to hate me
4. I strive (I’m a hustla)
5. Po folk holiday ft Countrified & Keef G
6. Life! A lesson to learn
7. All in time
8. Night time favor (Masta Minds)
9. I ain’t going to heaven
10. Make some money, money
11. 4 da love of money (Grandaddy mix
12. Let me go, let me fly
13. “Grandad get at’em”
14. Ride wit me
15. It won’t be long
16. Fresh like me

IN STORES: March 10, 2009

“Bonus tracks from the DVD film I tried”

17. What have I become? (aka “Trouble”)
18. Wreckless! (aka “Live My Life”)

And here is some footage of Krayzie talkin about “The Fixtape” and his next solo album “Chasing The Devil”


One response

  1. Diante'

    I know Chasin The Devil gon be fire. Fixtape 2 gon be fire. Plus the new bone thugs album gon be fire. Krayzie is the illest nigga to eva spit on the mic and all of bone rep for Da Land real hard. I can’t wait for all dem shits to drop.

    December 22, 2008 at 8:39 pm

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