LBB Comedy Video

How To Tie a Bow Tie with P. Nameck

Cause everyone should know how to tie a Bow Tie. 

Keith Campbell – A Conversation with my BALLS

Keith Campbell – Genital Herpes PSA

Check out LunchBox Beats own Kieth Campbell sharing some valuable information regarding Genital Herpes.     Check out the rest of K Cams videos on his youtube channel HERE.

Dating on Demand…Serial Killer!

The Transgender with Keith Campbell

Keith Campbell decided to do a little improv and realized after he filmed and edited this that maybe he should of did a little research prior to making this video! What he meant to say was hermaphrodite and not transgender! Anyone, it still is pretty funny! Sit back and enjoy the show!

The Return of K Cams Corner

After getting fired from FOUR jobs Keith Campbell has returned to what he does BEST…making an ASS of himself! Break time is over and Grind time has begun! Sit back and enjoy the show!

How NOT to Change a Flat Tire with K Cam

Watch as Keith Campbell struggles to change ANOTHER flat tire on his Mini Cooper in the middle of New York’s lovely COLD winter!  Sit back and enjoy the show!

ChapStick Song Contest

This is my submission for the ChapStick Song contest they are throwing!  Just wait for the AD to pop up on video and click the THUMBS UP!  Thanks for the support…feel free to share this video to further help my chances of winning the grand prize!

K Cam’s RANT of the Week

Welcome to a new Web Series entitled ‘K Cams: RANT of the Week!” airing every Friday! Sit back and enjoy as your host Keith Campbell rants about whatever is bothering him in his ever so perfect life!

“When I Was Young!” Episode 3

“When I was young!” is a web series based around Keith Campbell wishing he had some of the toys and TV shows his kids have now when he was young! In this episode Keith admires his daughters Baby Alive and wishes he had that when he was young! Sit back and enjoy the show!