P. Nameck

Simple Mind – Filmed and Edited by P. Nameck

Simple Mind is the story of a man, who through therapy, discovers more about himself and his life then he ever imagined.
Simple Mind was created for the Youtube Your Film Festival contest as a joint effort by Phil Newsom and Paul Nameck who just wanted to see if they could do it.  With the help of the very talented and patient actors Tim and Kristi, Paul was able to pull Phil’s story off the pages with a simple but effective visual. This film was shot over two days, with no budget, and with only Paul and Phil as the crew.

This film was shot with a Canon T3i using 28mm and 50mm lenses.  Edited in Sony Vegas Pro.  Sound was recorded directly into the camera with a rode mic which explains the horrible audio (damn you Automatic Gain Control).

Thanks to everyone for making this possible.
Written and Directed by Phil Newsom

Filmed and Edited by Paul Nameck

Starring Timothy J. Cox and Kristi McCarson

Music and Score by Keith Campbell

Additional Music by Jeremy “Tha Jerm” Gonzalez

How To Tie a Bow Tie with P. Nameck

Cause everyone should know how to tie a Bow Tie. 

LunchBox Beats & iLLsPoKinN “Addict In The Basement” (Promo Video)

Addict In The Basement is a collaboration album with LunchBox Beats and IllSpokinn. LunchBox Beats came through with the Beats and IllSpokinn came through with the lyrics… The conclusion is a super dope 7 Song album featuring special guests, Rabbi Darkside, Genesis Be, and Tah Phrum Duh Bush. This album will be available for download in Late November 2011.

Addict In The Basement Coming Soon…… Spread The Word.

LunchBox Beatswww.LunchBoxBeats.com

iLLsPoKinN - www.illspokinn.com

LunchBox Beats Presents, Beats by P. Nameck

Beats By P. NameckLunchBox Beats is proud to present Beats by P. Nameck, 19 FREE instruments produced by P. Nameck.  Download the tracks, listen to them, record something to them and we will post it.   Holla at ya boy!  Preview all 19 tracks after the jump or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.


LunchBox Beats – “Hip Hop Y’all” ft. Damien, P. Nameck and Verbal Coltrane


Beat Produced by Strike Sinatra

FOKIS, CONS & CHI-ILL – “Where Were You” video

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Yours Truly.

Fokis ft. N.O.M and Chief Honcho – Monumental video

This video is for the first single off Fokis’ next mixtape “A Walkthrough Myspace” Vol. 2. featuring N.O.M and Chief Honcho, Prod. by Reasonable. During Chief Honcho’s roof scene while setting up a second shot, Sune and I experienced how serious the cops get in NYC when you’re on a roof top without a permit……. luckily they let us go with a warning but damn they make those cuffs tight. Good looking to the NYPD for not arresting us. You can download this track at www.fokis.bandcamp.com

Sune A.K.A. Tha Jerm – Auditorium Freestyle (Video)

Got some positive feedback from a lot of ppl so me & the hommie P. Nam decided to shoot a video. Spread the word & let us know what you think.

Filmed, Directed & Edited by P. Nameck

* Remember, you can DL the audio. Just Click Here

P. Nameck “I’m Hungry” video

This is the intro track off P. Nameck’s Mix Tape titled “The P. NAMix Tape”.  Click here to download the P.NAMix Tape

P. Nameck – Jamaica, QV, Hollis

What’s up people, I don’t usually do the freestyle thing but that Lloyd Banks  “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley” track is kinda crazy and everybody is doing a verse over it, so why not me?  Check it out and let me know what you think.

P. Nameck “Jamaica, QV, Hollis”

LBB Video Blog Numero Dos

Check out the lastest video blog,  iLLard Scott of Guidon Records stops by the studio to say what’s up and to check out some beats. 

LBB Video Blog Numero Uno

A quick glimpse into the world and studio of LunchBox Beats with two of it’s founders, P. Nameck and Sune a.k.a Tha Jerm. In todays video we discuss not knowing what we are doing while in the studio, and we give you a little taste of a track Sune is working on. Hopefully we will be able to keep up these Video Blogs and deliver them to the world of youtube once, twice, or maybe even three times a month. Enjoy.

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P. NAMix Tape – Starring P. Nameck

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P. NAMix Tape Preview all tracks after the jump.



Punchlyne and Fokis interview with DJ Premier

I recently got the chance to meet DJ Premier while shooting some footage for my homie’s Fokis and Punchlyne.  Check out the interview as they promote their newest album ” The Appetizer “.  The album is free by the way, Download Here.  If you not a fan of interviews, the freestyle session starts at the 4 minute mark in the video. 

Verbal – “Tonight” video

Prod. By Keith Campbell

Dir. By P. Nameck

We make music, we have fun. What you doing?

“A Minute With” Cloud 9 video

You can check out more of Cloud9 @ www.iheartc9.com

“A Minute With” iLLard Scott video

Check out the lastest installment of the “A Minute With” Video Series featuring iLLard Scott of Guidon Records

If you want “A Minute With” video produced by LunchBox Beats, email us at aminutewith@lunchboxbeats.com

Fokis “Show Me The Money” Video

Show Me The Money featuring Mr. eXquire and E-Cashes is the first single off the upcoming “My Name Is Fokis” album with special guest host DJ Absolute. 

Directed, Shot, and Edited by your boy, P Nameck.  

Keith Campbell “The Weekend” Video

Check out the video for the first solo track from Keith Campbell of LunchBox Beats and the band Verbal Sideshow. 

Hasan Salam Video Shoot (Behind the Scenes)

Check out some behind the scenes footage I captured while hanging out with Director Mark Carranceja and the crew of NoiseMaker Media on the Video Shoot for Hasan Salam’s song, “15 Minutes”.

Noisemaker Media

LunchBox Beats Presents : Pop Tarts (The Short Film)

LunchBox Beats + TOO MUCH TIME = Pop Tarts (The Short Film)

Starring – Keith Campbell, Sune A.K.A Tha Jerm & Double K

Directed By P. Nameck

Be Sure To Spread The Video!!!!

LunchBoxBeats Presents – P. Nameck – Hello It’s Me

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02-Point of View
03-Hello It’s Me
04-Whole Life Through ft. Deepak Marwah
05-Smash Into Something ft. Damien
06-Pablo Nameckeno
07- Read Between the Hook
08-Just Drive
09-See Music
10-Fuck You pt.2

“Hello It’s Me”

“Pablo Nameckeno”

“Read Between The Hook”

More Songs Available at www.pnameck.com

Fokis “20/20″ Video directed by P Nameck

Check out the second Video for “20/20″ from the Fokis EP titled 20/20 produced by Focus of Aftermath.

Download the 20/20 EP at myspace.com/Fokis2k 

Fokis “Can’t You See”/ Video

First video offering from FOKIS off the 20/20 EP.   Directed by yours truly, P Nameck.