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Vinnie Paz – Drag You To Hell (Official Remix) (Produced By DC Entel)

DC Entel was the winner of the Remix Contest.

Update On The “Drag You To Hell” Remix Contest & The Sune A.K.A. Tha Jerm (Remix)

The results are in and a winner has been chosen. Big Shout Out & Congrats to the hommie DC Entel. JMT only made the announcement but the official Remix has not been released yet. I will post it as soon as I get it. Can’t wait to hear it. Link

Although I didnt win, I still want to put out my Remix & get everyone’s opinions. I would have put it out when I 1st made it but  I wanted to wait for the results. So here it is. I hope you enjoy it.   *If anyone would like to have my remix for their listening pleasures (lol) or to repost it on their own blogs (that would be greatly appreciated haha), just CLICK HERE TO DL .*

Vinnie Paz – Drag You To Hell (Sune A.K.A Tha Jerm Remix)

Prod. By Sune A.K.A Tha Jerm

Cuts By Keith Campbell


Vinnie Paz’s Remix Contest for His Track “Drag You To Hell”

Download the Drag You to Hell acapella beat at and send your remixes to by Dec. 1, 2009.

I’ll probably try to make somethin and send it in

Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks) – Drag You to Hell

Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks) – Drag You to Hell – Click To Listen

prod. by DJ Kwestion

FIRE!! ….cant wait for Vinnie’s Solo Album