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Bone Thugs -N- Harmony – Rebirth (Video)

YEA BUDDY!!!! lol…. jesus Krayzie & Bizzy WENT IN!!!!

Bone Thugs -N- Harmony – Rebirth – Click To Listen To The Full Track With All 5 Members

Bone Thugs -N- Harmony’s New Street Single

According to their Myspace page and BTNHBoard, the new street single we’ve all been waiting for should be coming out today Aug. 25 on their Myspace page. All five members ( Bizzy, Krayzie, Layzie, Flesh & Wish) are to be on the record. It is to be released at 6 P.M. Pacific time so it should be around 9 P.M. Eastern. Hopefully they wont push it back. Check it out!

Bone Thugs -N- Harmony Myspace Page – Click To Open

Living -N- Harmony – New Trailer

Krayzie Bone – The Fixtape Vol.2 : Just One Mo’ Hit

Krayzie Bone Presents: The Fixtape Vol. 2 – Just One Mo’ Hit
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1. Intro (So hard to stay away)
2. Just one more hit
3. Reason to hate me
4. I strive (I’m a hustla)
5. Po folk holiday ft Countrified & Keef G
6. Life! A lesson to learn
7. All in time
8. Night time favor (Masta Minds)
9. I ain’t going to heaven
10. Make some money, money
11. 4 da love of money (Grandaddy mix
12. Let me go, let me fly
13. “Grandad get at’em”
14. Ride wit me
15. It won’t be long
16. Fresh like me

IN STORES: March 10, 2009

“Bonus tracks from the DVD film I tried”

17. What have I become? (aka “Trouble”)
18. Wreckless! (aka “Live My Life”)

And here is some footage of Krayzie talkin about “The Fixtape” and his next solo album “Chasing The Devil”


The Wordz Project

The Wait is OVER!!!! Them Bone Boys are OFFICIALLY BACK!!!

November 30, 2008. Bone Thugs N Harmony’s Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy , Wish, & Flesh took the stage at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California for the first time in many years to deliver an unforgettable evening for many Bone Thug fans and family. Fans lined the club hours before showtime waiting for this much anticipated, sold-out event. Along with a live band, fellow artists DJ Uneek, DJ Dre Ghost, Thin C, Ta Smallz, Felicia and Big Sloan were all there.

Here are some pics and videos courtesy of


Reunion Show is Finalized


Bone thugs n harmony are finally set to take the stage together as a five man group for the first time on November 30th. After a few setbacks and delays. The moment of truth has arrived. The thugs are said to be joined by major artists that bone has worked with, and have been influenced by the the group.


Uni5 Contest

So some members over at BTNHBoard have been putting videos together for this contest. Supposedly its a chance to chill with Bone Thugs in the studio if you win. There are a lot of people doing it and they are really good. But check this one out. This is the best one that i have seen so far. Hommie got Bizzy’s Verse from “Notorious Thugs” on LOCK! Big shout out to this dude. He did his thing. Funny, now that I think of it, I was chillin with this dude at the last Bone Thugs concert in NYC. Mad cool peoples. He was a true Bone fan, I could tell. Help him win by voting at the link to the right over at BTNHBoard – Uni5 Contest (Link also has other videos that people posted, so check them out)


Lifetime Achievement Award For Bone Thugs -N- Harmony

All five members of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony will make their first public appearance in over eight years together in Cleveland, during the 2008 Ohio Hip Hop Awards. The third annual ceremony, which takes place September 20 at the Cleveland Convention Center Music Hall, will bestow the Lifetime Achievement Award on the group, who recently reunited when group member Flesh-N-Bone was released from prison after serving almost ten years behind bars. Other Ohio artists attending or being honored include Hi Tek, Cheri Dennis, Cali Miles, Ray Lavandar, MC Brainz, Mick Boogie, & Ray Cash and others. For more information visit:


“Living -N- Harmony” – Bone Thugs Reality Show (Promo Video)